AMAL: أمل (‘amal) – ‘Hope’ or ‘Good Deed’

AMAL is an initiative through which Bank Islam runs its Corporate Responsibility

About Us

AMAL is a platform through which Bank Islam run its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and philanthropic activities. We are focused on making a positive difference to the society through deployment of talents and resources available at our organisation.

Our Belief

AMAL is founded on the belief that the progression of a society towards social enlightenment and economic prosperity is anchored to the notion of social responsibility and justice. For us to thrive as a well-functioning society and nation, it is of utmost importance that we play our role in addressing the current key social, cultural and environmental issues.

We are committed to realising the objectives as outlined in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to create impact where it matters, and ultimately contribute to a better and sustainable future for all.

What We Do

AMAL is dedicated to contributing to people’s wellbeing and ensuring their good lives. Our initiatives and activities are structured around the understanding that an all-inclusive approach is fundamental to our goal of helping the communities preserve their health and wealth.

We create programmes that focus on poverty-reduction and welfare support, access to education, environmental conservation and medical aid. The disadvantaged communities are our main beneficiaries where we have helped many under-sourced students and underserved families with their needs, as well as provided funds to support the aged and needy.

As we help others to live a better life, we also play a role in helping to protect the planet. Our efforts put emphasis on the conservation of precious natural ecosystem and resources through various awareness and educational programmes. Aditionally, we collaborate with other organisations in encouraging environmentally-friendly practices such as the use of recycled material and utilisation of renewable energy.

At Bank Islam, CSR is more than just an ideology. We see it as the business driver for the future where it is natural for our CSR programmes and philantropic activities to be embedded into the heart of Bank Islam’s business operations. Through AMAL, we are strengthening our corporate citizenship efforts and enhancing our contributions to the society for the good of all.