Our mission is to help realise a thriving and prosperous society by ensuring the wellbeing of our communities and the planet we live in.

When it comes to giving back to the society, we have always asked ourselves this question, “How do we touch the lives of others and give out the greatest impact?”.

AMAL is instituted to make a positive difference to the society through an all-inclusive approach that contributed to the betterment of the people, environment and their businesses. Our focus areas – Community Welfare, Education Support, Environmental Protection and Medical Access – allow us to provide services that lead to a more sustainable world and for the good of all.

Our Focus Areas

Community Welfare

We invest in socio-economic progress through social inclusion initiatives and economic activities that transform the lives of the deprived communities.

Education Support

We promote learning opportunities for the disadvantaged youths through our education programmes and support system, which help cultivate knowledge and skills, as well as nurture their personal development.

Environmental Protection

We tackle environmental issues by raising awareness on the matters and collaborate with relevant organisation in conservation effors and provision of eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner and and greener planet

Medical Access

We expand access to quality healthcare for the needy through association with facility providers that helps to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeings for all at all ages