Mydin Mall Bukit Mertajam in Pulau Pinang was chosen as the venue for ‘Jom Ke Sekolah’ programme at Northern Region.

Zakat fund totalling of RM94,000 was given to selected 320 asnaf students from ten (10) schools in Kedah and four (4) schools in Penang.

The Zakat was distributed in the form of school uniforms (which were bought at Mydin Mall Bukit Mertajam), payment of the schools’ PIBG fees, as well as payment of school fees.

We know that the expenses which will be made whenever school season is about to start is high.

We also understand that not all families are fortunate enough to have the luxury in buying school necessities and paying school fees during the beginning of each year.

Thus, we sincerely hope that by distributing the Zakat fund to be benefitted by these asnaf students will help to ease their families’ burden during this period of time.