In East Malaysia Region, we chose to conduct the ‘Jom Ke Sekolah’ programme at Dewan Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD) Tuaran in Sabah.

Zakat fund totalling of RM36,000 was given to selected asnaf students staying in the area.

The Zakat fund was distributed to a total 120 students from six (6) schools (SK Mengkabong; SK Sungai Damit Tuaran; SK Bolong; SK Berungis; SK Tambalang and SK Pekan) in terms of school attires which include girls’ baju kurung set with tudung, boys’ white shirts & pants, track bottoms, socks, shoes and stationeries. Zakat fund was also given to cover their school fees.

We hope the help given will boost the kids’ spirit to go back to school positively and happily.

We try to relieve the burden borne by these asnaf families especially the parents in providing the basic school needs for their children due to our current challenging economic environment.

Education is one of the ways to get out of poverty, thus we are trying to provide the catalyst for these children to become more enthusiastic to go to school for the sake of their future well-being.