‘Jom Ke Sekolah’ Programme is Bank Islam’s annual initiative involving five regions where the Bank operates (Central, Northern, Southern, East Coast and East Malaysia). There are a few objectives of this initiative. We target underprivileged school students especially from the B40 group, by providing school supplies for next year’s session. We try to ease their families’ burden in providing the school necessities for their children amid today’s challenging economy. We hope the help given will boost the kids’ spirit to go back to school enthusiastically and positively.

We at Bank Islam truly believe that education is vital and can be considered as the main key to open the door of success and escape poverty. ‘Jom Ke Sekolah’ initiative can be seen as in line with our government’s aspiration to achieve the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030. It is also a part of the Bank’s effort towards realizing one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) which is Goal 4, ‘Quality Education’.

In year 2019, a total of 736 students from low-income families and urban poor aged 7 to 15 have benefitted from this programme. A sum of RM312,800 was distributed to the students from 48 schools in all five regions (RM218,000 – Zakat ; RM94,000 – AMAL (CSR)). Each student receives RM300 worth of school supplies which include two sets of school uniforms, two sets of sports outfits, a school bag, a stationery set, two pairs of school shoes, two pairs of socks as well as cash money for the payment of school fees.