For better and brighter future

Regardless of whether they are poor or live far away from the city center, all children deserve to receive the same level of education.

Every child should be given equal opportunity in getting the education he or she deserves, especially those from impoverished families and underserved communities. In our effort to level the playing field between urban and rural children, we have affiliated with PINTAR Foundation in its School Adoption Program. Additionally, we also do our part to encourage innovation and creativity among undergrads as well as university faculties through initiatives and involvements in a number of activities with universities across the country.

Since our involvement in this program in 2008, we have adopted 18 schools around the country, assisting the PINTAR Foundation in educating and imparting useful skills to more than 15,000 primary and secondary school students nationwide. Infused with varying themes based on the three key tenets of ‘Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility’, the activities under this initiative include educational clinics and workshops, survivor camps as well as other programs that emphasizes on teambuilding, motivation and self-development.

Kem Jati Diri
Conducted by the army personnel of the 25th Battalion Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja, this survivor camp places emphasis on fostering leadership qualities as well as imparting knowledge, teambuilding, social and basic survival skills among the participants.

Jaya Waris
A motivational course which provides parents insights to their children’s behavior and teaches how to motivate children to become studious by making them realize and understand how learning can develop their minds and attitude.

Latih Tubi UPSR
A workshop for students preparing for their UPSR exam.

‘I See You’ Clinic
A program catered for underachieving pupils who are in need of improving their performance in UPSR.

English Communications Workshop
A workshop to improve students’ proficiency in the English language.

‘English for Teachers’
A workshop which assists primary school teachers and parents in improving their English teaching skills.

As an official partner in the annual Innovation, Invention & Design Exposition (iidex) since 2006, we are proud to play a part as an instigator of innovation among youths. Organized by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), the event provides a platform for participants, which include university students and lecturers, to showcase their latest innovative ideas for the benefit of various industries.

The event facilitates in building the capability and capacity of the country’s young talents where 300 to 500 new products and services are introduced each year.